Wavelings is a massive multiplayer role playing game in the sci-fi genre. As a necessity, to advance in the game, players collect in-game items, some of which are also blockchain assets. The open-world and quest-based gameplay is presented in third person utilizing Unity3d engine.

The theme of Wavelings can be fundamentally described as a dystopian science fiction. Open world, multiple level design and quests all motivate the player to move throughout the game.

Set in an alternate reality, the story begins with a cinematic depicting a world free of hunger, with no climate crisis and abundant clean energy. BioFin Nano, the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporation is responsible for producing enough genetically modified food supplements to feed the entire planet. Coupled with a patented and proprietary AI enabled vaccine (nanotech-chemical hybrid) which served to eradicate world-wide disease, BioFin Nano is at pace to be the world’s most powerful organization.

The massive technology-driven conglomerate that is responsible for clean and renewable energy also competes for global financial supremacy. Led by an ultra popular business magnate, space pioneer and philanthropist, Activion couples “people with progress” via a non-intrusive cranial implant that fuses their cybernetic-self with an expansive predictive artificial intelligence model.

The alpha cinematic ( audio only ) portrays that in this alternate reality, characters experience an every-day work routine that includes linking-up to an Activion interface. However, something unexpected goes wrong leaving the character in an unknown condition and this is where the game begins.

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