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This contest is now over. Thanks to all participants! You will be receiving your ULTRA-RARE Wavelings Architect Tokens in your ENJIN Wallet!

Here is your chance to obtain an ULTRA-RARE


The long-awaited CGC|DAPP opening is here! You have a unique opportunity to become a part of the sixth brainchild of CGC, this time dedicated to NFT + DeFi + Videogames combo!World-famous companies’ leaders, stellar speakers and kicking-ass dapps are waiting for you to join #CGCDAPP dimension on Dec. 10-11.

1 Download the ENJIN WALLET HERE

2 Join us in the EXPO on dec 10 and 11 and bring your ENJIN wallet to get a limited mint and ultra-rare WAVELINGS ARCHITECT TOKEN! Tickets are FREE! Click the LINK:

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The holder of the Wavelings Architect Token is a creator of worlds. A prime founder of bountiful land and bearer of probabilities in an alternate reality. Only Thirty-two Architect Tokens came forth into existence during the Great Merge when Wavelings came to be, and human kind was no longer only bound to physical form. The Architect Token serves as a key to unlock new frontiers, resources and technology.

Known Functions:

– Unlocks an initial hex-grid land title at no cost to the bearer.

– Unlocks an initial energy megafactory at no cost to the bearer.

– Unlocks an initial robotics facility at no cost to the bearer.

– Unlocks Global – X listings.

– Holds blueprints, and cipher for building constructs.

Beyond this, the Architect Token possesses unknown and mysterious functions that may reveal themselves over the course of a lifetime.

Wavelings Architect Token (